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Kazeguruma (3 piece)


Kazeguruma (3 piece)


Pinwheel magnets for you to feel the wind. It is an object for your interior. It spins around and around, and you want to blow it more and more. It can be used as decoration like a picture, a small card or a display. With a little iron pin with a magnet end, it can be great for a wide range of usages.

Designer comment:

Pinwheel, the old-time little toy that we all came across when we were small. The spinning is simply thought-provoking, while at the same time it brings new colors to our daily lives.

Designed by Yuzo Azu

Kaze guru ma (3pieces)

Country of Origin: Japan

Size: Approx.W30×24×H30mm

Weight: Approx. 0.5g(1 piece)

Package Size: W50×D25×H135mm

Weight(including package): Approx.11g

Materials: Synthetic paper,ABS,Stainless steel,Magnet

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