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FLOE Solar Lamp


FLOE Solar Lamp


The sunlight stored during the day emits soft light through the porcelain part. The designer imagined drifting ice crossing a wide ocean. You can change the angle according to the position of the sun depending on the season and your location. Please turn off the lights and enjoy a relaxing time with stored sunlight.

How long it will shine after a sunny day is something to look for.

Designer Comment:

For charging with solar energy, you may start to move the lamp around and think “where and which angle will receive the sun best?" or “the location differs by season”. That may give you satisfaction by refining your sensitivity to your living environment. By raising awareness to these matters, it helps you realise that we live on a planet with limited resources, whilst the sun is there all the time.

Designed by Tomoko Azumi

Country of Origin : Japan

Size : Approx.W170×90×H146mm

Weight : Approx. 670g

Package Size : W205×D187×H130mm

Weight(including package) : Approx.945g

Materials : Porcelain,ABS


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